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2022-05-25 环球教育


  大作文题目为:Some people think young children should get formal study at school as early as possible, However, others believe that children should not go to school until 7 years

old. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.



  本题讨论幼童是否应该及早开始上学以及儿童是不是应该等到7岁才开始正式上学。题目类型是议论文的两种观点类题目, 题目的问法是“Discuss both sides and give your own opinion”类型,可以采用4段式作文结构。







  Stress-free 无压力的

  Sacrifice...for 舍弃

  Might as well 最好做某事

  Literacy and numeracy 读写计算能力

  Edge in 优势

  Inflict 使遭受

  Behavioral problems 行为问题

  Erosion 逐步削弱

  Keep pace with 与...同步

  Provided that 如果


  Living in a world where..., 非谓语结构做原因状语

  Not just... but (also) 平行结构(动词平行)

  SVO,an effective way that ... 概括性同位语

  If lagging behind..., children 状语从句的省略

  Adj as S is, SVO 让步状语从句的倒装

  In an era when 定语从句


  Living in a world where competition has never become less tough and where a stressfree lifestyle seems to be luxury, many children these days have to necessarily sacrifice a happy

childhood for preparing their future life. Therefore, starting formal schooling at age 7 is not realistic and instead young children might as well begin formal study earlier.


  Receiving formal education early could not just make preparation for cognitive development but encourage and enable them to learn better social skills. For one thing, with the play-centered approach and with the help of dedicated, well-trained,and professional teachers, those young pupils will in advance have access to basic literacy and numeracy skills, an effective

way that will in the future give them an edge in academic performance as well as cognitive ability. For another, the school, a society in miniature, is a better place for them to know

different people from different places, and a even safer place in which they can gradually understand how to interact with teachers or peers and how to cooperate with each other from

an early age. This is a necessary stage for them to lay solid foundation for the complex social life in the real life.


  Becoming a primary school student at seven is feasible but is more likely to inflict pressure on children. Maybe starting later will give more time for children to mature andthis will

also reduce the risks of behavioral problems and poor academic achievement. But if lagging behind other peers academically, children who go to school later will be under peer pressure,

even an erosion of learning. This is way worse in an era when being a quick learner is of the essence and when everything seems to go so fast that they could not miss out on any

opportunity as everyone around them struggles. So this way is not to children’s advantage in today’s society.


  In conclusion, workable theoretically as it is, starting formal schooling later does not keep pace with the global development so what children need to do is to go to school as early

as possible provided that this barely has detrimental effects on their growth.



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