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2021-04-08 环球教育

  题目:The number of people who are interested in and wearing fashionable clothes is increasing. Is this a positive or negative development?


  范文:(254 words)

  More and more people today are interested in and have the disposable income to take greater care with their fashion choices.In my opinion,though many fashion companies exploit their workers,this is a positive development overall.


  好在哪里:这个开头段恰当地改写了题目,并明确地给出了个人观点,语言准确,扣题充分。改述包括:more and more...take greater care with=the number of people...is increasing,fashion choices=wearing fashionable clothes.用比较级扣住了题目。

  Those who criticise the fashion industry often point out its treatment of workers.The most famous fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel(as well as footwear makers such as Nike and Adidas)outsource their labour at reduced costs to East Asia.Workers in their factories make subsistence wages and are notoriously mistreated,while the countries in question often have lax child labour laws as well.Exploitive fashion companies then massively inflate prices for their products.Their actions cannot be controlled directly by consumers but nonetheless undermine every innocent transaction at a shopping mall.



  -Garment workers,primarily women,in Bangladesh make about$96 per month.The government’s wage board suggested that a garment worker needs 3.5 times that amount in order to live a“decent life with basic facilities.”

  -A 2018 U.S.Department of Labor report found evidence of forced and child labor in the fashion industry in Argentina,Bangladesh,Brazil,China,India,Indonesia,Philippines,Turkey,Vietnam and other countries.

  Rapid consumption of apparel and the need to deliver on short fashion cycles stresses production resources,often resulting in supply chains that put profits ahead of human welfare.

  Regardless,fashion is an important aesthetic choice for ordinary people.The exploitation of workers ought to be regulated by governments and corporations,not consumers.Those who buy fashionable clothes are trying to express themselves through their attire and the end result of a more fashion-conscious public is greater beauty for onlookers.No one would question the importance of beautiful buildings and public works of art but fashion is arguably more noticeable.Fashion gives not only individuals but also towns,cities,and nations a distinctive flair,without which the world would be blander and less beautiful.



  In conclusion,the beauty fashion engenders outweighs any ethical considerations.Governments ought to properly regulate labour so that their citizens can shop and flaunt with a clear conscience.




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